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Vietnamese Bishop protests church demolition

A mass number of Catholics has been gathering at a make-ship church at Dak Jak, Kontum for days to protect it from the risk of being taken down by local authorities.

The Dak Jak parish…

Fr Lombardi on positive impact of Pope's visit to Sri Lanka

Travelling with Pope Francis on his pastoral visit to Sri Lanka and the Philippines this week is the head of the Holy See press office, Fr Federico Lombardi. He talked to our colleague and correspondent…

Voyage du Pape François au Sri Lanka - Prière mariale

Après la Messe suivie par une énorme foule sur le front de mer de Colombo, le Pape s'est rendu au Sanctuaire marial de Madhu, en zone tamoule, lieu symbolique qui fut sur la ligne de…

Pope Francis in Sri Lanka: encounter, encouragement, prayer

(Vatican 2015-01-13) Pope Francis arrived in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on Tuesday morning, at the beginning of a week-long visit to Asia that will see him in both Sri Lanka and the Philippines. The Holy Father…

Pope: religion must never be abused in the cause of war

(Vatican 2015-01-13) Pope Francis underlined the significance and urgency of interreligious and ecumenical dialogue in a nation, like Sri Lanka, that is undergoing a process of reconciliation after civil war.

Speaking on the first full…

Sri Lanka: Le dialogue interreligieux selon le pape François

Devant une assemblée de responsables religieux représentant la diversité des religions au Sri Lanka, le pape François a affirmé que l’efficacité de la rencontre et du dialogue interreligieux passait par « une présentation complète et…

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